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February 20, 2011

Back to blogging

Filed under: Oracle — hourim @ 4:35 pm

Two years ago I have decided to stop blogging as far as I have nothing interesting to publish. The decision I have made at that time was to continue reading, learning and experimenting from other valuable blogs instead of spending my time writing items without any added value to the community.

Today, I think I need to be back; not because the stuff I will be writing will bring an added value but because it will force me to phrase my oracle knowledge which ultimately will bring me to test and test before publishing anything. The second reason is that I can access to my stuff very easily because I know that I have already write something about.

Here below is the list of what I will be blogging about in the near feature

  • (a) Understanding the locking threat of unindexed foreign keys will avoid creating redundant indexes
  • (b) cursor_sharing=force and static PL/SQL
  • (c) DML error logging with after statement triggers
  • (d) few words about the method the follow when inserting a large volume of data
  • (e) Indexing  partitioned tables
  • (f) The french translation of Jonathan Lewis Oracle Cost Based Optimizer Book (Clustering Factor Chapter)

See you soon (I hope I am not speaking only to myself ) 🙂

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