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October 25, 2014

Algeria and Oracle

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As you might have already guessed I am deploying a lot of efforts to help Algerian universities and companies using the Oracle technology in the same way as the way I’ve used to learn from world Oracle experts like Jonathan Lewis. In this context, I spent the last couple of weeks in Algeria giving one day seminar to the Oracle DBA team of Ooredoo – Algeria, a private mobile telephone group and one of the PSG football team sponsors, about interpreting execution plans, adaptive cursor sharing and gathering adequate statistics. I managed also to initiate students of the “Mathematique-Informatique” department of Université de Khemis-Miliana to the Oracle world via a brief and very quick training on how Oracle manage internally to answer a simple select * from employee table (library cache, buffer cache, logical read, physical read, bind variable, soft parse, hard parse, parent cursor, child cursor).

I was very happy to see students interested by this presentation which they have never been given in the way I have managed to do it. I made a big effort in order to use words that are close to the student’s actual knowledge of the Oracle Database technology. Strange enough why academic teachers can’t give attractive and elegant training with which I am sure they will initiate so many excellent Oracle carriers. Am I insinuating that to be a good Oracle teacher you should have a good Oracle professional experience? I am afraid that the answer is YES.


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  1. Excellent Mohamed …….. Expert Voice !

    Comment by dahel_aek — October 25, 2014 @ 12:15 pm | Reply

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